Bayer Pest Experts Alliance

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Bayer Pest Expert Alliance is a closed network of Pest Control Operators handpicked by Bayer based on service quality, commitment to customers and business history with Bayer.

Bayer supports each Bayer Pest Expert Alliance member through a series of activities- including training and support for the team, lead generation, visibility in Bayer marketing, access to in-house educational material and tools. 

Bayer provides a certificate recognizing the participation of the Pest Control Operator who is a part of the Bayer Pest Expert Alliance. The certificate may be presented for business purposes. Apart from this, each Pest Expert receives value added collaterals such as special badges, creatives for marketing etc. that can be used for commercial purposes. 

Bayer has identified four areas of work based on the nature of work in the Pest control industry - namely Residential, Commercial, Termite, Vector. Based on past experience, Operator competency and location of service, each Operator in the Bayer Pest Expert Alliance is mapped to one of these four areas in their location of operation. The Operators will be connected with relevant leads and also, the training and development schedule will include the pertinent program that will further their skills in this area.