Aqua K-Othrine

Aqua K-Othrine is an India`s first water-based insecticide concentrate for application as a space spray adulticide in the management of adult mosquitoes. Aqua K-Othrine can use used in Thermal fogging machines, ULV and Cold fogger machines.  Aqua K-Othrine is environment friendly and reduces the overall cost of space spray to a significant proportion as it replaces usage of Diesel with water.

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Aqua K-Othrine is WHO Prequalified for use as a space spray and is approved by Central Insecticide Board, India.


It contains the unique formulation technology FFAST. Incorporating Film-Forming Aqueous Suspension Technology (FFAST), it contains a unique anti-evaporate system that is intended to resist the evaporation of droplet & be in air for longer time which results in maximum mosquito getting exposed to Aqua K-Othrine & killed. Droplet size has a critical influence over performance during space spray applications. If droplets are too large then they fall to the ground too quickly after application and cannot travel far from the application equipment; this limits the coverage of the application. If droplets are too small then they can evaporate too quickly or no deposit on target insects at effective dosages. It is very important for space-spray product performance for droplet size to be optimized for as long as possible after application.  


One litre of Aqua K-Othrine is enough to provide coverage 40 hectares.  


Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin 2% EW


Recommended Uses: 

It is recommended for outdoor and indoor application for the control of adult mosquitoes causing malaria, dengue etc. under Public Health.



Mode of Action: 

Contact Insecticide with rapid knockdown effect. 



  • India`s first water-based space-spray solution for the control of mosquitoes
  • Has FFAST technology which resist evaporation keeping droplets in air for longer period
  • Globally acknowledged solution for Space Spray
  • Eliminate use of Diesel, thus reduce pollution & spray cost significantly
  • Low environmental impact and high level of safety in use
  • Very low dosage of application
  • Biodegradable – no environmental accumulation
  • Non-flammable

Suitable Equipment:

  • For Thermal Fogging -  Thermal Foggers , Pulsejet or Friction plate  
  • For Ultra Volume application - Knapsack cold foggers or an ULV machine



Thermal Fogging: Dilute 25 ml of Aqua K-Othrine in 5-10 Lit of Water to cover 1 Ha area    

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogging: Dilute 50 ml of Aqua K-Othrine in 1 Lit of Water to cover 1 Ha area


List of compatible machines

A. Thermal fogging machines
1. Arbuda - All in One Fogger
2. Foggers India - XL 200 2 IN 1 Truck Mountable
3. Foggers India - SS FOG 400  2 IN 1 Truck Mountable
4. Foggers India - SS FOG 180 AF 2 IN 1
5. PulsFOG - RPF-5 Portable
6. PulsFOG - RPF-10-O Portable
7. PulsFOG - RPF-22-10-O Stationary
8. PulsFOG - RPF-22/10-BIO Stationary
9. PulsFOG - RPF-30/20-BIO Stationary
10. PulsFOG - RPF-10/SP Portable
11. PulsFOG - RPF-22-O Portable
12. PulsFOG - RPF-22/10-O Stationary


B. Cold fogging machines
1. UPL - Cold-fill Nebulizer/Atomiser
2. UPL - P2 ULV Backpack


Diazepam. Treat Symptomatically


Available Pack Size: 250 ml, 1 litre


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