Anopheles Mosquito

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Mosquitoes - Anopheles Macu

Common Name: Anopheles mosquito

Scientific Name: Anopheles culicifacies, An. stephensi

Pest Description:

Anopheles mosquitoes have discrete blocks of black and white scales on the wings. Adult females can survive up to 1 month.


Anopheles mosquitoes are known to transmit malaria. Anopheles culicifacies is responsible for transmission of 60-70% malaria in India.


Adult Anopheles can also be identified by their typical resting position: they rest with their abdomens sticking up in the air about 45ºangle to the surface rather than parallel to the surface on which they are resting.

Where to find them?

Anopheles usually breeds in clear water which may be freshwater or saltwater. Mangrove swamps, rice fields, grassy ditches, edges of streams and rivers, temporary rain water collections. Many species prefer habitats with vegetation and some species may also breed in tree holes or the leaf axils of plants

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