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Species category: Rodent
Scientific name: Bandicota benghalensis; Bandicota indica
Family: Muridae

Adults are typically 190-330mm long (excluding the tail). The tail is slightly shorter than their bodies. Droppings can be useful for identification purposes; theirs are formed like an olive pit, ending in a point and are approximately 25mm long. They are big size rodents, larger, stronger with blackish brown body and rounded head.

Bandicoots originated from Asia and are widespread in various continents.

They are often found outdoors and tend to live in fields and farmlands. They do not usually enter buildings but stay in the vicinity of the garbage dumping areas in cities.

Bandicoot rats are aggressive burrowers making tunnels even in concrete foundations and warehouses. These rodents are hoarders and may cache huge amount of grain in their burrows. Quite aggressive when threatened and make pig-like grunts while attacking.


They are considered serious pests of field crops, grains, fruit crops, gardens, etc.

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