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Post Construction Termite Protection

Together we work with PCOs in protecting home by providing long-term effective solution against termites.

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Your home is at high risk by Termite!

Termite eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning damage to wood in and around a structure can happen very quickly. According to the NPMA estimate, termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year.                  

Termites damage your valuables, belongings which could be your important papers, favorite books, expensive wood-work, building material, trees etc. They make wooden structure hollow and weak making it unsafe to stay. They feed on wood cellulose resulting in huge irreparable losses because they enters unobserved from the ground, rarely come out on the surface, hence the damage remains unnoticed until it is too late. You might have to leave you shelter



We protect your home together                 

Together we protect you home where you love to spend most of your time. Our highly effective anti-termite solutions work for years ensuring your home structure safety.

Together with our service partners we provide sustainable solutions, aiming to maximum protection from the Termite for long time, because we at Envu understand the time & money you invested to build a Home. We care to protect it.



Safe Shelter is worry-free

Our anti-termite solution ensures your home stands for longer time & you live worry free at your home along with your family.  

We aim to protect the expensive wood-work which you have at home by not allowing termites to transform them from beautiful artisanal pieces to hollow. 

We are committed to not just protecting wood and structure of your house, we believe we could be protecting your assets, may be even a heritage of yours.


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