Post construction

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What is Post construction treatment?

  • Treatment of subterranean termites is done by treating the soil adjacent to or under the building with a product which kills or repels termites. 
  • This treatment consists of drilling holes and filling it with a recommended pesticide emulsion and sealing the holes after treatment.


  • Subterranean termite colony may survive for many years and a single colony may develop population containing millions of individuals, thus control is very important as the damage caused by them is huge
  • Around 2761 species of termites in the world of which 350 species are found infesting wood in India

Common Indian species:

Subterranean termites

  • Odontotermes spp (75-80%)
  • Coptotermes spp.
  • Heterotermes spp.
  • Reticulitermes spp.
  • Zootermopsis spp.
  • Drywood termites
  • Cryptotermes spp.
  • Incisitermes spp.
  • Marginitermes spp.

Critical Inspection Areas

  • Fall ceiling plywood/ sheet
  • Artwork items, picture frames and mirror frames, wooden decorative artifacts, etc.
  • Stored wood items, cartons, books, etc. in the lofts
  • Bathroom & Toilet doors and windows
  • Drainage pipes
  • Lift wells
  • Stair case
  • Expansion joints
  • Any earth-to-wood contact points