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Product Overview

Baraki® is an insecticide formulation containing Pyriproxyfen as an active ingredient used against larvae of mosquito vector in public health.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to broadcast granules
  • Also useful in places where spray application is not possible
  • Insect growth regulator
  • Long lasting
  • Arrest the development of mosquito in larval stage



1. Breeding habitat: -Clean water/domestic containers
Dosage/ha: A.I. (g) : 10 (=0.01 ppm) Dosage/ha : Formulation (gm) : 2000 gm (Interval between application : 3 weeks)


2. Breeding habitat: -Polluted/peri domestic breeding
Dosage/ha : A.I. (g) : 20 (=0.02 ppm) Dosage/ha : Formulation (gm) : 4000 gm (Interval between application : 3 weeks)


Pack: 500 Grams


Use & Safety

What to control

Mosquito Larva

Application rates and delivery

  • Avoid spillage on eye and skin.
  • Don’t breathe mist or vapor.
  • Do not mix with bare hands.
  • Do not eat, drink, chew or smoke during application.
  • After application wash contaminated clothes and exposed skin with soap.
  • Destroy empty containers after use.

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