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Aqua K-Othrine


Aqua K-Othrine

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Product Overview

Aqua K-Othrine is India`s first water-based insecticide concentrate for application as a space spray adulticide in the management of adult mosquitoes. Aqua K-Othrine can use used in Thermal fogging machines, ULV and Cold fogger machines.  Aqua K-Othrine is environment friendly and reduces the overall cost of space spray to a significant proportion as it replaces usage of Diesel with water.

Key Features


  • India`s first water-based space-spray solution for the control of mosquitoes
  • Has FFAST technology which resist evaporation keeping droplets in air for longer period
  • Globally acknowledged solution for Space Spray
  • Eliminate use of Diesel, thus reduce pollution & spray cost significantly
  • Low environmental impact and high level of safety in use
  • Very low dosage of application
  • Biodegradable – no environmental accumulation
  • Non-flammable

Key Benefits

No diesel required, environment friendly.

Application Rates

One litre of Aqua K-Othrine is enough to provide coverage 40 hectares. 

Suitable Equipment:

  • For Thermal Fogging - Thermal Foggers, Pulsejet or Friction plate  
  • For Ultra Volume application - Knapsack cold foggers or an ULV machine


Thermal Fogging: Dilute 25 ml of Aqua K-Othrine in 5-10 Lit of Water to cover 1 Ha area    

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogging: Dilute 50 ml of Aqua K-Othrine in 1 Lit of Water to cover 1 Ha area


List of Compatible Machines

Thermal fogging machines

1. Arbuda - All in One Fogger
2. Foggers India - XL 200 2 IN 1 Truck Mountable
3. Foggers India - SS FOG 400  2 IN 1 Truck Mountable
4. Foggers India - SS FOG 180 AF 2 IN 1
5. PulsFOG - RPF-5 Portable
6. PulsFOG - RPF-10-O Portable
7. PulsFOG - RPF-22-10-O Stationary
8. PulsFOG - RPF-22/10-BIO Stationary
9. PulsFOG - RPF-30/20-BIO Stationary
10. PulsFOG - RPF-10/SP Portable
11. PulsFOG - RPF-22-O Portable
12. PulsFOG - RPF-22/10-O Stationary 

Cold fogging machines

1. UPL - Cold-fill Nebulizer/Atomiser
2. UPL - P2 ULV Backpack

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