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Maxforce Forte


Maxforce Forte

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Product Overview

Maxforce® Forte contains Fipronil 0.05% along with gel that delivers quick results for treatment of cockroach infestations.

It offers a tailor-made bait matrix specifically designed to cater for a balanced range of cockroach dietary preferences. Cockroaches eat Maxforce Forte Gel and spread the effect to other cockroaches by contamination through faeces and physical contact with other cockroaches (also called ‘domino effect’) within the cockroach population.

Key Product Benefits

    • Improvised bait matrix which is attractive to most species of cockroaches.
    • Highly effective at very low dosages.
    • Domino effect which spreads to many cockroaches.
    • Target specific to cockroaches.
    • Ready to use - no measuring or mixing is required.
    • Non-messy, no smell, no shifting of household items required.
    • Minimal PPE is required during application.


    Cockroach Species

    Application Rate
    (100 mg spots = approx. 5 mm diameter)


    Low Density Infestation

    High Density Infestation

    German Cockroach

    1 drop/m2

    2 drops/m2

    American Cockroach

    2 drops/ m2

    3 drops/ m2

    Pack size: 30 gms


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    Use & Safety

    Where to use

    Aircraft Commercial building Food factories Indoor Kitchen Industrial building

    Application rates and delivery

    • Keep away from food stuff.
    • Do not smoke, eat or chew while handling this product

    Maxforce Forte Cockroach Gel

    The power to control cockroaches, without the need to spray.
    Disclaimer: As of Oct 4th 2022, the Environmental Science division of Envu was divested. Note that this content was produced prior to separation.

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