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Maxforce Quantum


Maxforce Quantum

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Product Overview

Maxforce® Quantum is an easy to use and effective ant control product. The gel contains imidacloprid 0.03% in the form of syrupy liquid which is readily consumed by ant species that are most commonly found infesting homes.

The ant workers temporarily store the consumed ant gel and return to their nest (which consists of other members of their colony such as Queen, kings, soldiers and other workers). On returning home, these ants regurgitate the food and feed it to all the individuals. Thus Maxforce® Quantum effectively works by spreading into the entire ant colony.


Key Product Benefits

  • Excellent efficacy against multiple ant species
  • Inconspicuous treatment, as the ant bait is transparent, viscous (syrup-like) liquid
  • In contrast to conventional baits, Maxforce Quantum has a non-dry formula which resist evaporation
  • Minimal time to apply and has long-lasting palatability to ants
  • Fast elimination of ant infestation
  • Thorough “colony elimination” with better control of workers, brood and queens than other ant baits
  • Low dose and target specific
  • Highly cost effective


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Use & Safety

Where to use

Aircraft Commercial building Food factories Food handling Food preparation Indoor Kitchen

Application rates and delivery

  • Keep away from food stuff.
  • Do not smoke, eat or chew while handling this product

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