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Maxforce Fusion

Maxforce Fusion

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Product Overview

Maxforce Fusion Gel is a household insecticide recommended for the control of American cockroach & German cockroach, commonly found in the food handling / processing areas of household and commercial premises such as restaurants, hotel, shops, ships, hospital and private houses.


Key Product Benefits:

  • Unique mode of action for cockroach baits
  • High-performance gel matrix with enhanced palatability
  • Delivers exceptional palatability for nymphs ensuring total life cycle control
  • Low mammalian toxicity (WHO a.i. II)
  • Biodegradable
  • Bait with innovative blue beads


Cockroach Species

Application Rate
(100 mg spots = approx. 5 mm diameter)


Low Density Infestation

High Density Infestation

German Cockroach

1 drop/m2

2 drops/m2

American Cockroach

2 drops/ m2

3 drops/ m2


Pack size: 30 grams

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Use & Safety

Application rates and delivery

  • Keep away from food stuff and areas or surfaces which come in direct contact with the food.
  • Discard any food stuff accidentally contaminated with product.
  • Avoid application in or on surfaces that frequently come in direct contact with human being or pets.
  • Do not smoke, eat, or drink while handling and after use of product.

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